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Thanh Phat stainless steel pot set is composed of 3 layers including the bottom, the middle aluminum layer and the stainless steel inner layer. These are important parts that make the pan easier to use, and the cooking process will also be standard. In addition to the food safety features, the high durability of Stainless Steel, the heat transfer of the Full aluminum layer Body that 3-layer stainless steel pot is suitable for stews with many different ingredients such as mixed soup, boiled chicken or special shaped seafood dishes such as King Crab, Crawfish with potatoes and Corn.

An elegant design, a durable stainless steel lid, a sturdy stainless steel knob, handle are attached to the pot body to help consumers easily hold the hand during cooking. The handle is made of polished 304 stainless steel with a design is simple but comfortable to hold. The handles are welded and riveted tightly to the pot body, ensuring no peeling or wobbling despite long-term use. Slim straps and the right size create a beautiful product appearance.

Three-layer structure includes that the inner layer is 304 stainless steel, the middle layer is pure aluminum and the outer layer is 430 stainless steel. Those are suitable for all types of stoves, helping to cook food evenly and quickly thanks to the triple heat storage effect and the radiant heat.
Shape of rim pot, inner pot and bottom pot: With a wide rim design, food is poured quickly into a bowl without spilling onto the kitchen. Besides, with a rounded pot design is especially useful for a mother who has children can stir powdered baby food easily. The bottom of the pot is designed with 3 layers that are glued together tightly as one, the bottom pot is not warped in a long time because the bottom layer is thick, always flat, absorbing all the heat from the stove and spreading evenly throughout the pot. Even if the heat supply is only concentrated in one point like when you use a gas stove.

Flat design is combined with good heat conductive stainless steel material for magnetic capture efficiency up to 98%, saving cooking costs, energy and time. 304 stainless steel heat resistant, not rust, optimal anti-fouling, shiny, easy to clean. The smooth surface of the pot helps consumers avoids to wasting food sticking to the inner pot. It's easy to make delicious dishes every day with a set of different sizes and purposes of cooking.