Giới thiệu

General Introduction

Thanh Phat Stainless Steel Co., Ltd was established in 1995 and named Thanh Phat Facility with the main field of production and processing of household items. In 2009, the company officially changed its name to Thanh Phat Inox Co., Ltd., where the company invested in upgrading the MMTB system, the 3-bottom pot press, and the production line. In addition, manual pressing technology was replaced all by hydraulic press and semi-automatic. The polishing line is also well invested: automatic and semi-automatic grinding machine system; dust collection system, dust filter to minimize the air pollution of the working environment, protect the health of workers and the community.

The company has developed and produced different cookware items such as: Stainless steel pots and pans, 3 - layer bottom stainless steel cookware, Stainless steel mortars, spoons, forks ... and the featured product is a Tri-ply stainless steel pot. Over 27 years of establishment and development, it can clearly say that Inox Thanh Phat is one of the leading company specializing in the production of stainless steel kitchen utensils and cookware sets. Not only investing in machinery and equipment for production lines in order to further improve products’ quality, the company also expanded distribution channels nationwide with famous brands. such as Thaphafac, Inovi and Bao Thanh Phat through sales channels such as distribution of household goods, supermarkets, electronics centers, shops at wholesale markets.


Becoming a company that produces stainless steel cookware sets with the best quality and making Thanh Phat be a prestigious brand in Viet Nam and reach out to the world.


Providing high-quality cookware items and creating a comfortable and life safety and health for me community.


  • Safety: Community health and safety are the first and most fundamental requirement in each stage of Thanh Phat’s production.
  • Quality: A product of Thanh Phat is manufactured on a modern production line with high quality stainless steel raw materials, optimized for kitchen items according to international standards.
  • Innovation: Innovation is a leverage for growth. Inox Thanh Phat consistently innovates in the field of technology and design to bring various cutting-edge household product, built for convenience, to the hands of consumers.
  • Commitment: Come rain or shiene. The promise are the honor of Thanh Phat.
  • Sharing: Thanh Phat always listens, shares and actively acts for the benefit of customers, employees and the community.


A success of Thanh Phat is to bring a safety, a convenience and a pleasure to every home's kitchen.